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Our Team


EuroRC's General Manager, keeps the daily routine going and all the boring paper stuff like accounting and orders. Also manages the racing team and also try's to race some races himself too. When he finds the time. Mostly at winters, since MX bikes takes all his spare time at summers. Niko also changes the toilet paper when it runs out, talk about dedication.


Jack of all trades, does marketing, warranty issues, photos and product updates etc. Drives a lot of different classes, just for the fun of it. Timo is the first employee of the company. Been a hobbyist for a long time and knows what he's doing with those little cars.


Our main man on Customer Service. He's the most likely suspect to answer your chats and emails. Been driving for couple of years now, and has been working with rc-cars for the same time, so he's knowledge in these lil' cars is pretty good and I don't think you can upset him very easily even with harder questions. :) At the moment he likes crawling the most.


Warehouse manager. Takes care that all your orders leave the warehouse in time and handles all incoming parcels too. She's also Niko's Wife, so even though she doesn't drive herself, she has lived with the cars for many years already. ;)


Our latest recruit Heikki is responsible for all the content of our new Hobby Letter. He is also busy adding new products in to our shop and keep them in order. Heikki is deeply rooted in building scale crawlers but is slowly learning basics of faster bashing type of trucks!



Johannes handles most of our social media and influencers. Also does digital marketing and communicates with clubs etc. He's our young ace who understand what millenians and youngsters are talking about. Unlike rest of our team.


Handles our digital marketing and growth in the foreign countries. Has driven Tamiya cars in the 80's and has now started the hobby again and the collection of cars is growing rapidly... very rapidly...


The founder and our "big Chief". Does mostly development projects and IT and just takes care of business.

You can contact us all easiest by just sending us email at info@eurorc.com

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